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Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

Silver (sil)

SYNONYM: Silver-agouti.

ALLELES: sil+ (normal), sil (mutant). Formerly, sl or si.


PHENOTYPE: Undercoat has a marked dilution, frequently appearing nearly white. The distal portions of the hairs are not affected. irregular clumps of melanin occur just proximal to the agouti band, but little or no deposition of pigment occurs basally to this.

LINKAGE: Linkage Group I = Chromosome 1 (Huestis and Piestrak, 1942; Huestis and Lindstedt, 1946).

INTERACTIONS: This mutant interacts with brown to produce the double recessive "silver-brown", which has a creamy beige aspect.

SOURCE: About 1932. University of Oregon. Silver appeared among the third generation progeny of a P.m. gambelii x P.m. rubidus cross. This mutant probably traces to a single P.m. gambelii female captured at Silver Lake OR.

REFERENCE: Huestis and Barto (1934).