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College of Arts & Sciences
Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center


Animals and tissues

We provide to outside investigators animals, tissues and biological material from all species we maintain. A minimal charge is incurred for all orders to sustain the Center’s function.


Protocol development

In addition, we collaborate with outside investigators to develop protocols in order to satisfy their specific needs. Those include administration of special diets and dietary supplements, set up for timed pregnancies for embryo harvesting and others.



Histopathological evaluation of rodent tissues, including those from PGSC animals can be provided by Dr Ioulia Chatzistamou, MD, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor, anatomic pathologist.


Ongoing efforts to exploit the use of Peromyscus in new areas such as infectious diseases, oncology and pharmacology are under way. Interested investigators that have an interest in working with members of the PGSC to exploit new areas of research at which Peromyscus may be of value, should contact Hippokratis Kiaris.