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Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

Platinum (plt)

ALLELES: plt+ (wild-type), plt (mutant). Formerly pt.


PHENOTYPE: There is distinctly diluted dorsal pelage due to clumping of pigment granules occurs in the proximal portion of the hair. The undercoat is not as light as in silver. An overall platinum-gray color in the subadult molt deepens into the diluted tan-gray of the adult. The dorsal body hairs, when parted, appear to be white at the base. Dark-tipped hairs are present, particularly on the head, but are reduced in number. The ears are pale colored and the tail stripe is pale and less distinct. Scrotal pigment is lacking. The eyes are dark, but have a reddish-brown cast. Contrasted with silver, the pelage, when parted, is tricolored, having a gray subterminal band.

SOURCE: About 1950. University of Michigan. This mutant was recognized in a laboratory colony among F2 of P.m. blandus (Alamogordo NM) and P.m. ruftnus (Deadman's Flat AZ).

REFERENCE: Dodson et al. (1987).