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College of Arts & Sciences
Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

PGSC Colony Manager

Janet Crossland, RLATG (Retiring March 2017)

Phone: 803-777-3107 or 777-1212
Fax: 803-576-5780 or email:

Janet Crossland, colony manager for the Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center since 1985, oversees the day-to-day operation of the Stock Center. She establishes matings, maintains inventory levels, enters breeding records and data into computer databases, handles requests, invoices for user fees, supervises student assistants, coordinates with the animal care staff, and handles numerous other functions related to the Stock Center.

American Society of Mammalogists (ASM)

American Association For Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS)

Southeastern Branch American Association For Laboratory Animal Science (SEAALAS)

Riverbanks Zoo Society Member (Riverbanks Zoo)

2014 Nominated for the National AALAS Technician of the Year Award

2003 Employee of the Year – College of Science and Math at the University of South Carolina

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