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Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

Vimala Kaza Selected As The New PGSC Colony Manager.

Vimala Kaza MSc was selected as the new PGSC colony manager to replace Janet, upon her retirement in March 2017. Vimala has more than 10 years of experience as Animal/ Research Lab Manager. She has two Masters degrees one in Molecular Biology and the other in Human Genetics. Since then she has maintained mouse breeding colonies and performed experiments on numerous research projects involving molecular biology, biochemistry and animal physiology methodologies. She also supervised several undergraduate students and assisted in writing and amending IACUC protocols. In her new role as colony manager for the Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center she will oversee day-to-day operation of the Stock Center, she maintain inventory, enter breeding records and data into computer databases. Vimala will also handle requests and invoice for user fees, she will supervise student assistants, coordinate with the animal care staff, and handle numerous other functions related to the Stock Center

Vimala co-authored several papers in animal–related research such as:


  • Farmaki, E., V. Kaza, A. G. Papavassiliou, I. Chatzistamou and H. Kiaris (2016). "Induction of the MCP chemokine cluster cascade in the periphery by cancer cell-derived Ccl3." Cancer Lett 389: 49-58.

  • Sanduja, S., F. F. Blanco, L. E. Young, V. Kaza and D. A. Dixon (2012). "The role of tristetraprolin in cancer and inflammation." Front Biosci (Landmark Ed) 17: 174-188.

  • Sanduja, S., V. Kaza and D. A. Dixon (2009). "The mRNA decay factor tristetraprolin (TTP) induces senescence in human papillomavirus-transformed cervical cancer cells by targeting E6-AP ubiquitin ligase." Aging (Albany NY) 1(9): 803-817.

  • Upadhyay, R., S. Sanduja, V. Kaza and D. A. Dixon (2013). "Genetic polymorphisms in RNA binding proteins contribute to breast cancer survival." Int J Cancer 132(3): E128-138.

  • Yang, D., E. B. Goldsmith, Y. Lin, B. C. Waldman, V. Kaza and A. S. Waldman (2006). "Genetic exchange between homeologous sequences in mammalian chromosomes is averted by local homology requirements for initiation and resolution of recombination." Genetics 174(1): 135-144.


Vimala can be reached directly at: 803-777-3107,