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Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

Mutant Stocks

Coat Colors and Variants

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Available only from the MMRRC

Coat Colors and Origin Source

3Albino c/c
MMRRC 037606-MU
Sumner's albino deer mice (Sumner, 1922)

3Ashy ahy/ahy
MMRRC 037608-MU
Wild-caught in Oregon ~ 1960 (Teed et al., 1990)

3Blonde bln/bln
MMRRC 037611-MU
Mich. State U. colony (Pratt and Robbins, 1982)

2,3Brown b/b
MMRRC 037607-MU
Huestis stocks (Huestis and Barto, 1934)

3California blonde cfb/cfb
MMRRC 037612-MU
Santa Cruz I., Calif., stock (Roth and Dawson, 1996)

3Dominant spotting S/+
MMRRC 037604-MU
Wild caught in Illinois (Feldman, 1936)

3Ivory i/i
MMRRC 037605-MU
Wild caught in Illinois (Feldman, 1936)

3Platinum plt/plt
MMRRC 037609-MU
Barto stock at U. Mich. (Dodson et al., 1987)

2,3Silver sil/sil
MMRRC 037607-MU
Huestis stock (Huestis and Barto, 1934)

3Tan streak tns/tns
MMRRC 037610-MU
Clemson U. stock from N.C. (Wang et al., 1993)

3Wide-band agouti ANb/+
MMRRC 037603-MU
Natural polymorphism. U. Mich. (McIntosh, 1954)

3Variable white Vw/+
MMRRC 037613-MU
Appeared spontaneously in 1983. U. Mich. (Cowling et al, 1994)

Other Mutations and Variants and Origins

Boggler bgl/bgl
MMRRC 037618-MU
Blair's P. m. blandus stock (Barto, 1955)

Cataract-webbed cwb/cwb
MMRRC 037619-MU
From Huestis stocks (Anderson and Burns, 1979)

Epilepsy epl/epl
MMRRC 037617-MU
U. Michigan artemisiae stock (Dice, 1935)

3Hairless-1 hr-1/hr-1
MMRRC 037614-MU

Sumner's hairless mutant (Sumner, 1924)

3Hairless-2 hr-2/hr-2
MMRRC 037615-MU
Egoscue's hairless mutant (Egoscue, 1962)

Juvenile ataxia jtx/jtx
MMRRC 037616-MU
U. Michigan stock (Van Ooteghem, 1983)

Enzyme variants
Wild type stocks provide a reservoir for several enzyme and other protein variants.
(Dawson et al., 1983)

1Unless otherwise noted, mutations are in P. maniculatus

2Available only as silver/brown double recessive.

3Available soon as museum specimens at Harvard University Museum.

Other Resources of the Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

For additional information or details, contact: Janet Crossland, Colony Manager, 803-777-3107 or 777-1212.

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