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Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center

Juvenile ataxia (jtx = ja)

ALLELES: jtx+ (normal), jtx (juvenile ataxia)


PHENOTYPE: Ataxic behavior is evident in animals from about 15 days age until 35 - 45 days, at which time the mutant can no longer be distinguished. Young deer mice showing the conditions are unable to right themselves when placed upon their backs, exhibit an ataxic gait and are unable to climb up their tails when held by the tail tip. Falling behavior occurs equally to the right or left. Swimming ability is unaffected.

SOURCE: The trait was first observed among the F2 of three matings from a cross between three animals from a stock of blonde animals, from Michigan State University, and an unrelated wild-type stock. Van O. (1983)

INTERACTION: Incomplete complementation with boggler.

REFERENCE: Van Ooteghem (1983).